The land of beauty and spuds

Posted in 1 on March 30, 2009 by nathaneats

Standing alone in the freezing cold of Sun Valley Idaho I’m blown away by the beauty of the landscape. Even as my face is frozen in temperatures as low as 7 degrees I am thankful that I have a chance to do what I do. I am shooting in Sun Valley for a few days and getting paid to enjoy some of Gods most beautiful creation! Life isn’t half bad!

With no cell phones, no TV, and no demands on my time it’s a pleasant escape and a great time to reflect. Its been a very busy couple of weeks for me and “Live to Eat” last week I met with a some marketers and producers who are interested in getting the show out there! I’m excited at the possibility of reaching more people and being able to focus more of my energy and passion on the making the show better and better. I will of course keep you all posted with how things work out. I am looking forward to giving you some great news very soon!

Time does fly

Posted in 1 on March 15, 2009 by nathaneats

Crazy how time flies! I’m sitting on the beach in Miami “working” (if you can call it that) and am blown away by the support from everyone with the show. We have had not only friends and family connect to the show but so many new friends who have really embraced the idea of “Live to Eat” and showed their support by believing in the community message, the message that life is more than work, money, and fame but it is truly about love, family, the simplicity of relationships and the effect they have on our hearts and happiness.  It seems like just yesterday that Elizabeth and I hatched this idea to do “Live to Eat” and now 10 months and a lot of fun later and  we have 4 episodes and  many new friends!  The feedback we have gotten from everyone is so positive and I am excited to think about the future. I can only hope that as the show continues to grow that we will all grow together, enjoying our experiences as we relate to one another through, food, friends, and real life.

Let’s Stay in touch!

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Hey Everybody,

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Welcome to Live To Eat!

Posted in blog archive on December 26, 2008 by nathaneats

So, I’m throwing myself out there.  It’s scary, but exciting.  People may love it or hate it, but I’m really proud of this project.  I’ve learned so much through this process, and I have so much more to learn.  Elizabeth, my beautiful wife, I love you, and this is a new beginning for us that is so much deeper than the show.  Everyone who’s been involved in this crazy project (Phil, Susan, Shane, Matt, Aaron, Josh, Luke, and the rest of you know who you are), I love you all, and I’m excited for what is to come!  I’m ready for this roller coaster ride, because I trust who’s driving.  This is a family operation, and we’re looking forward to hearing from all of you.  I want this blog to be a way to share and connect over our love for food.  Enjoy!