20 Responses to “PHOTOS”

  1. Hey Nathan it’s Caroline from Michael Frost. Congrats for your new show! Best of luck to you and your wife!! It looks great…and so do your recipes 🙂

  2. Nancy Hansen Says:

    Nathan and Elizabeth,
    Loved the graphics, the color of the foods so vibrant, the photograghy, the music, the interviews, your friends, great job you two! You make us proud.

  3. Hey Nathan, Congrats on the show… it looked awesome!! we are soooo excited for you and Elizabeth!! We can’t wait to see what else God has instore for you two!! Love you, Jedidiah & Amber

    • nathaneats Says:


      Thanks a lot for the support. Keep watching its just getting going. Hopefully we can do a Palm Springs show soon!!!

  4. Denise Carpenter Says:

    Jamie mentioned your website on FB. Very engaging show. I hope this is an on-going thing. My husband wants to know if you have any good venison recipes.

    • nathaneats Says:


      There will definately be more episodes to come. As far as venison recipes, can’t say I cook a lot of venison, but I know that with any quality cut of lean protein you never want to overdue it. Salt, pepper and a hot grill are always my go to for a perfect meal, you want the strong flavor of the venison to be the star.

  5. Alycia B. Says:

    Great job! Loved the presentation and skipping around between interviews and cooking. Keep up the good work. You left me wanting more.

  6. Nathan and Elizabeth,

    I’m proud of this “Live To Eat” site and proud of you both. I’m always
    collecting and learning new recipes and this is great. Thank you for
    sharing your passion of innovative cooking recipes. Looking for more
    to come. My favorite foods are those with a spicy “WoW” taste. God
    Bless You and Your Family, including the people coming on board this
    special site.

  7. Debbie Tsikuris Says:

    Best of luck with your show! Hope the network realise it’s a keeper. Sound super, looking forward to seeing more


  8. Tanya in San Antonio, TX Says:

    Hello there! I found a link to your site from Karen Marie Moning’s blog, she raved about how good of a cook you are so I had to come take a look. Your receipes sound really delicious & I’ll be looking to catch your show soon.
    Good luck to you!

  9. Nathan-
    Found this site via your profile at Romantic Times. Crazy bit of happenstance as I’ve never even visited that site! Haha. Anyway, just dropping a quick note to praise you on the site/movies. Really, really, good seamless stuff.
    I’ve bookmarked this site and I can’t wait to cook some of the recipes; I, too, love the swine. =P Best of luck to you and your lovely wife!

  10. Hi Nathan –

    Watched all 3 of your shows and I’m impressed with your cooking. But, I’m most impressed with your values – God, Wife, and Family are vitual to your life.

    It nice to know that a guy like you to believe that sucess without the people we love in our lives means nothing.

    When can we expect more shows from you? Also, what station is your show aired. I caught your shows on Karen Marie Moning website.

    Thank you for the opinion to express my thoughts.

  11. elsiehogarth Says:

    Hi Nathan!
    Congratulations on this great website. You and your wife are adorable. Your friends aren’t too shabby either. They all seem like a great group of people.

    Nathan, these receipes are great….the spicier the better. How about some comfort food next -like macaroni & cheese?

    I’m putting this website on my favorites because I will be sure to come back for more receipes.

  12. Kaitlyn Christopher Says:

    Congrats Nate and Lizzie! 🙂 The show is wonderful. I have never forgotten how yummy dinner was at your apartment. Your a great cook, and I am so glad to see both of you following your passions. I hope to see you soon!!

  13. Hello there!

    I chanced upon this awesome website, and i must say, watching the videos was a really wonderful experience for me. It made my day, and brought a smile to my face 😀 Thank you for bringing such wonderful cooking to us all, as well as making the world a smaller place! God bless you and your lovely wife!

  14. Jim Frye Says:

    Nathan! Love these shows — good food and good laughs. You and your wife are doing an awesome job. Can’t wait to see more episodes. Let’s do a midnight donut run soon!

  15. Hey Nathan
    so happy for you that you have such a cool show that portrays the real you and the people in your life. Have been a big fan of your work and its great to see another side of you specially how great a cook you are, and the importance of family and God in your life.
    Keep up the great work, love your covers and your recipes!!
    Good luck and God bless all the way from Down Under Australia!!

  16. Hey Nathan!
    Love, love, love the show. I hope all is going well with it getting on the air and whatnot. Your huge passion for food and friends comes out of you so easily and because of that, your audience can tell what great and down to earth people ya’ll are even with your success in your careers. I’m a chef myself and a lot of the times, it’s so easy to miss the fun that cooking can bring into ones life when working all the time. Thanks for showing it again! God bless from the deep southern Louiiisiana coast!

    • nathaneats Says:

      haley, good to hear you love the show, thank you for the kind words. i’m glad it renewed some passion for food, believe me i know cooking can sometimes become a grind but its makes it worth it seeing all the smiles on peoples faces.

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